STEX cryptocurrency exchange adds trading for New York Coin (NYC/ETH)

New York Coin is thrilled to announce that STEX is the newest exchange to add trading for NYC. STEX is a high volume exchange based in the EU with over $45 Million USD daily trading volume and over 650,000 monthly visitors. STEX is also supported by Prohashing, the most trusted and profitable mining pool, which adds substantial hashrate to the New York Coin network helping to further secure the NYC network and protect against future 51% attacks.


New York Coin is a faster, free version of Litecoin with a proven 6 year old blockchain. New York Coin launched in March 2014 by an unknown developer and is completely open source code. Early miners and supporters worldwide noticed the amazing retail-level specs of NYC back in the early days of crypto and have faithfully kept the network alive and healthy for future generations to discover and utilize. The New York Coin network also offers a completely free worldwide money transfer system in addition to it’s lightning-fast retail transaction speeds.

In addition to being lightning-fast and completely free to send and receive funds worldwide, NYC has very low difficulty mining built into the code. This allows basic computer equipment to confirm transactions of the New York Coin network and is much more energy-efficient than Bitcoin’s SHA-256 algorithm. An active group of worldwide crypto enthusiasts support the ongoing development and enjoy very lively discussions online.

New York Coin is currently accepted at over 100 businesses worldwide and was integrated onto Coinomi mobile wallet, the #1 rated alt-coin wallet, back in late 2017 which enables very easy and secure storage, use and merchant acceptance for New York Coin. According to Coinmarketcap, New York Coin has a tiny current market capitalization of under $2 Million USD making it extremely undervalued when compared to Litecoin considering NYC is also a basic scrypt proof-of-work blockchain and offers 5X faster confirmations than Litecoin and eliminates fees entirely. Not to mention, NYC has more energy-efficient and sustainable mining built into its code as well.


STEX is a great addition for New York Coin and will further ensure the security of the network and help preserve it future generations”, stated Charlie Kartchner who admins the original New York Coin website and social channels established back in early 2014. The NYC development team has been eagerly awaiting the additional hashrate STEX will provide to the NYC network through Prohashing.

An original blockchain cryptocurrency since 2014, completely open source code along with amazing retail-level specs give New York Coin (NYC) an advantage that other cryptocurrencies can only dream about. New York Coin’s tiny undiscovered market cap, under $2 Million USD, could realistically provide ROI that rivals early Bitcoin investment. New York Coin (NYC) definitely deserves a much closer look.

Charlie Kartchner, Crypto Writer
167 Mott St
New York, NY 10013
[email protected]

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