What are the beneficial and negative effects of carnitine?

What is this substance, how is it involved in providing our body. Is there any harm from taking it. Beneficial features.

In recent years, sports nutrition has become an invariable part of the training process, both for “pioneers” in sports and for experienced bodybuilders. No wonder. Using natural supplements, you can achieve better results in the training process, increase strength, increase the overall energy level, build muscle and solve a number of other problems.

One of the main goals for many athletes is getting rid of excess fat and acquiring a high-quality relief. Achieving this with just diets and exercise is a daunting task. Fliban 100mg 4 pills – a powerful fat burner that is in demand all over the world, can accelerate the process. What is the benefit of this supplement? Is there any harm? How to drink carnitine?


What is it?

Many people believe that carnitine is a kind of synthesized substance, “chemistry”. In fact, this is far from the truth. This element is a simple amino acid that is present in every cell of our body. The main task of this element is the transfer of fatty acids to mitochondria. It is here that fat is broken down and converted to energy. It turns out a double effect – help in losing weight and additional tone.

Scientists have been able to prove that carnitine is also produced by our body. In this case, the formed amino acid is sufficient for the normal activity of all organs. As for athletes, this amount of carnitine may not be enough. A deficit appears, which often causes a number of disorders in the body, the lack of the expected effect from training and problems with the elimination of excess fat.

About deficit

As already mentioned, our body is able to synthesize an amino acid with the participation of vitamins B and C, methionine, iron and other elements. With a lack of any of the components for synthesis, a carnitine deficiency may occur. This problem is relevant for athletes and people who are on a strict diet.

A lack of amino acids leads to a decrease in the immune system, the occurrence of excess weight, heart problems.


Main effects

Let’s start with the benefits of taking carnitine. The following qualities can be distinguished here:

  1. Fat Burning Effect. It is thanks to this property that the supplement has become so popular among athletes. Few people know, but energy sources are not only carbohydrates, but also fats. Carnitine accelerates the breakdown of fat cells and promotes the release of large amounts of energy into the body. As a result, the effectiveness of classes increases, the desired relief is formed faster.
  2. Anabolic effect. Studies prove that carnitine has powerful anabolic qualities, which is of great benefit to any athlete. Moreover, the mechanism of action of amino acids in this aspect is not yet fully understood by scientists. It is believed that anabolic properties are guaranteed by the participation of amino acids in phospholipid metabolism. But this is only a theory.
  3. A decrease in cholesterol in the body. Another positive property of the supplement, which has been proven repeatedly, is the reduction in cholesterol and, as a result, the protection of the heart and blood vessels from numerous problems. Often, carnitine is prescribed to people who have a risk of developing ischemia. A feature of the amino acid is the acceleration of blood flow to the heart muscle and the optimization of the latter.
  4. Elimination of physical fatigue. Frequent companions of a professional athlete are joint pain, fatigue, irritability, gastrointestinal problems and so on. Taking a course of carnitine is an opportunity to fix the problem.
  5. Strengthening the immune system. The benefits of the amino acid and its powerful effect on the immune system have been repeatedly confirmed by many experiments.



What is the feature?

It is believed that taking carnitine can be harmful to the body. But is it really so? In relation to this substance, dozens of major studies have been conducted. However, none of them confirmed the negative scenario. It is believed that even huge doses that exceed the norm by dozens of times do not entail any serious consequences.

In addition, the harm of amino acids is excluded not only for adults, but also for the smallest. In practice, the supplement is included in the diet of even infants. Also, the amino acid is prescribed for diseases such as hyperthyroidism, hypertension, diabetes and others.

But, despite the absence of obvious harm, certain side effects are still possible. In particular, excessive intake of the supplement can lead to sleep disturbance, which, by the way, is a very rare occurrence. In case of individual intolerance to the component, problems such as headache, nausea, sleep disturbance, gastrointestinal malfunction and other problems are possible.

A positive point is the lack of interaction with other additives (medicines). So the combination of carnitine with any drug is not able to cause even minor harm. But this does not mean that the supplement should be taken haphazardly. To avoid troubles, it is better to think through a reception program and consult with specialists.


Thus, the harm from taking carnitine, if any, is minimal. The beneficial effects that the amino acid has are many more.

How to use?

As already mentioned, carnitine requires a responsible approach to admission. At the same time, finding it in our daily lives is not a problem. So, an amino acid is often compared to meat. No wonder. It is enough to eat 350-400 grams of this product to cover the daily intake of amino acids. In addition to meat, this element is found in cottage cheese and other dairy products. There is an amino acid in fish.

The only downside is that with heat treatment, carnitine is destroyed, so the effect of taking the above products will be minimal. Therefore, if you are not a raw foodist, then it is worth helping the body with an additional intake of the supplement. The latter is sold, usually in the form of a solution. The daily norm is 1.5-3 grams.

The optimal time for taking the supplement is during the day (possible between meals). As an option – a reception in the morning and evening hours.





Thus, the myths about the dangers of carnitine remain so. Everything happens even the opposite. This product is extremely necessary for the body, and its fat-burning properties will be very useful for professional and novice athletes who have great tasks and worry about their health.

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