30 Best Business and Micro-Jobs Ideas To Make Money

in this article we will show you in short 30 ideas that should inspire you on the way to become your own boss and make money.

1-Open a Coffee Shop

This business idea is a real classic. But to stand out from the crowd with a coffee these days, it has to have a Unique Sell Proposition. So get creative!

2-Become A Dog Walker

The concept of the “walker” comes from the USA and is often practiced there as a side job. But if you raise it big right from the start, you can also work as a full-time dog walker. Especially in cities, dog owners will thank you for your service.

3-Become A Maid Of Honor

Make the most beautiful day in the life of two people even more beautiful by making their wedding ceremony an unforgettable highlight.

4-Establish A Fashion Label

Your heart beats for fashion and you also bring the necessary portion of creativity with you? A career as the founder of your fashion label is not as far away as you might think.

5-Develop (Trend) Drinks

Lemonades, spritzers, smoothies – the beverage sector offers young founders a huge playground. There is guaranteed to be room for you and your next hipster drink.

6-Found A Distillery

You would like to develop a drink, but can it be a little more high-proof? In a distillery you can, for example, burn the next trend gin or a particularly tasty whiskey.

7-Program Apps or Build Apps From Scratch

An app that offers its users real added value can still be a good source of income today, after the great boom in smartphone applications.

8-Open A Second-Hand Store

Vintage fashion from second hand inspires more and more fashion fans. So why not open a second-hand shop and offer unique collector’s items there? This business idea is guaranteed to work not only in Berlin.

9-Establish Food Delivery Service

Seniors, workaholics, families … They all belong to the target group of delivery services that supply their customers with a wide variety of food and other everyday products.

10-Open The Unpacked Shop

Would you like to declare war on the packaging craze and offer the people around you a sustainable alternative? Then an unpacked shop might be the right business idea for you.

11-Open Co-Working Space

Co-working has become more and more established in the modern world of work in recent years and has gained many followers. If you live in an area where the offer is still relatively thin, it is worth opening a co-working space yourself.

12-Start An Online Magazine

By placing ads, affiliate links and collaborations, you can monetize your online magazine (which may grow out of a blog). But be careful: this business idea hides more work than you might think.

13-Operate Food Truck

The trend of street food festivals continues and, apart from these events, food trucks are the new stars among takeaways.

14-Found An e-Mobility Startup

The future of locomotion is green – maybe you have a brainstorm that will help you get there earlier.

15-Open an Online Shop

A third of Germans shop online at least once a week. Does this sound like a lucrative business area? Absolutely! The business idea online shop is more popular than ever.

16-Open a Deli

Are you a friend of good taste and do you appreciate high-quality products? Then think about opening your deli.

17-Establish Manufacture

Whether chocolate, soap or jewelry – everything that is handmade is currently very popular. So why not found a factory and offer customers goods that differ from normal mass production?

18-Open a Record Store

Even in times of iTunes, Spotify and Co. there are still people who appreciate the value of a record. If your heart is also beating for the “black gold”, this business idea should be interesting for you.

19-Become A Coach

Coaches are currently active in almost all areas of life. Regardless of whether it is a relationship or a professional – as a coach (or classic: consultant) you address many target groups.

20-Establish a Marketing Agency

Are you interested in the different forms of marketing and have you acquired extensive specialist knowledge over the years? Your agency could be your entry into successful self-employment.

21-Become A Virtual Assistant

This business idea is ideal if you want to work from home. As a virtual assistant, you support your customers in various office matters. An organization should, therefore, be your great passion.

22-Become A Home Stagger

The task of a home stagger is to set up an uninhabited property so that it looks as attractive as possible to potential tenants or buyers. After you have finished your work, take all the furniture and decorative items with you.

23-Become A Wedding Planner

Do you love planning special events and holding all the strings? As a wedding planner, you could make this passion your profession.

24-Open A Coffee Roaster

Really good coffee is something that many people like to dig deeper into their pockets for. If the beans came to Germany through fair trade, the business idea is perfect.

25-Sell ​​Home-Made Items

Even if it sounds more like a hobby than a business at first, more and more creative people can earn money with their home-made products. If you bring it up professionally from the start and leave nothing to chance, this idea is very promising.

26-Establish Textile Printing Companies

Whether T-shirts for a bachelor party, fan articles for bands or an individual gift for a loved one – with a textile printing company you address very different target groups.

27-Design Smart Clothes

The clothing industry is undergoing an interesting change. More and more items of clothing are becoming smart – a property that is particularly interesting for athletes and health-conscious people.

28-Become A Video Maker

About online marketing, a clear trend has been emerging for some time: If you want to stand out, you can use videos to present yourself. The best conditions for everyone who wants to become self-employed as a videographer.

29-Offer Online Courses

eLearning, i.e. further training using digital processes, is inspiring more and more people. Benefit from this development, for example by developing your online courses on the subject of XY and offering them for a fee.

30-Offer Computer Training For Seniors

And another business idea that has emerged from advancing digitalization. If you are patient and can explain (relatively) complex processes easily, you can, for example, teach seniors how to use computers and other technical devices.

A Conclusion To Keep In Mind

This article wasn’t in the purpose to give detailed information on how to start each business, keeping it short made a 1100 words article, comment with the idea you are into and we will provide further articles taking each business in detail.

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