How to make money from ‘Udemy’ (a step by step guide)

Today we discuss an interesting and new topic that is how to make money from Udemy? if Udemy is better than youtube? and How can you earn passive income from Udemy? So let’s see…

Are you an online instructor who provides educational courses on the online platform?

If your answer is yes, then you must be using youtube as your video content sharing platform.

But the question is…

Is youtube paying the money you deserve??

I know that most of you will answer ‘NO’

So here I will tell you about another online video sharing platform which will give you the money you deserve for your educational courses.

The name of this amazing online platform is ‘Udemy‘. In which you can publish your courses and can make money from it.

Udemy is a marketplace where the instructor gets money against his/her courses. So if you are an online instructor then I will recommend you to publish your educational courses in the Udemy rather than Youtube.

So if you want to make money from Udemy.

Then read the below article in which I will give you a full explanation of how to make money from Udemy.

How to make money from ‘Udemy’ (a step by step guide)

The main way by which you can make money from Udemy is by providing video courses.

But how can you know ”which topic related video” a user want’s? So first see how to find a topic.let’s move in…

How to find the perfect topic that your user required.

Ask your followers on which topic they have an interest more or about which topic they want to learn.

You can find some audience in many Facebook groups or any social media groups.

If you are a YouTuber or blogger then ask your audience about which topic they are interested in learning.

My recommendation is first to create a free Udemy course and give your followers for free and collects their emails for your marketing purpose.

In that way, you can know user attention. It’s a good marketing strategy. So use it.

After complete, some simple research then lunches your video course and marketing your course by using your collecting mail id.

In that way, you can do marketing before product launches.

So use these cool tactics first then come to Video creation.

How to create a video course? Let’s see.

If you are an online instructor and want to make money from Udemy then it is very important for you to stand out with the users or readers.

Udemy has more than 58,000 courses online so capturing the users will be very difficult to capture the users from the Udemy site for you if you are a beginner.

So take a 10-minute break and just think about the topic you would like to provide on the Udemy as a course.

Remember that the topic must be unique, reliable and useful to a student. Do not make a carbon copy of another course.

Now the next step is how you can develop your course in an expert way?

Developing your course is one of the important jobs
In simple words developing a course means to make your course super user-friendly.

A user or a student generally prefer that type of content which are fully described and they will again search for it and will pay for it.

You can know the performance of the video courses by the rating and reviews of the students this will indicate the work of your knowledge.

♦After these steps, you have to signify your objectives or lay out the goals.

This might help you in shaping your course.

♦  Knowing your targets is very essential for making a profitable video course.

If you want to make money from Udemy then you have to know the level of your audience.

In simple words what they want actually. Because these factors will help you in knowing your users properly.

♦Charging a affordable money for your video courses is very important but is a very tough process.

Is not it?

Yes, if you charge more than the expectation of the user then indirectly you are robbing your users which will ruin your Udemy business.

So if you want to charge a really good, reasonable and profitable article then look around what others are charging for the same course and keep in mind the price must be affordable and better than the competitors.

Bonus tip:- In my recommendation most important part of creating a successful online video course on Udemy is by engaging the students.

you can do it by some interesting paths like…

♦ offering quizzes in between the videos.

♦ Try to clear the doubt of the students.

♦ give the live examples of the topic you are teaching.

Now after all these important points I think you know a lot about how to create a profitable video course.

Now let’s talk about

How to create and submit a video course in Udemy.

 In the above para, I already gave you what is Udemy and how you can make a profitable video course.

now let’s talk about how to create a video to submit it to Udemy.

♦Ist of all you have to go to the official website of the Udemy

Then click on the sign-up button and sign in by creating an account.

♦After this, you have to take the first step for making a video in the Udemy.

So you have to select your video equipment which is required for making a perfect video.

According to Udemy, the equipment is

→YourI phone( i phone 4 or above)

→i pad(i pad 2 or above)


→HD flip-flop camera

→Go pro camera

→DSLR camera

You also need some audio equipment like:-

→Blue Yeti mic.

→Blue now bass.

→Samsung mic.

After these arrangements, you have to create a test video and submit it for the feedback.

Now, what is a test video?

Test video is a 30-second demo video which the main purpose is to test the quality of the feedback so the reviewers or the experts of the Udemy access you as an instructor and will give you license to create your online video courses.

To create your test video upload

go to this page and upload your created video. There are some requirements

  1. 720 p minimum clarity of the test video.
  2. Audio attached perfectly to the video.
  3. Clear audio without any annoying sounds.
  4. subtitles for a better impression.


After submitting your test video to the website of the Udemy. You have to click on a bar called the status of the test video.

After this, you have to wait till the feedback from the experts. They will see your video and they will access it if your video passes the test.

Then they will send you a message.

If you receive a congratulation message then u are in

You are accepted as an online Udemy instructor.

  • Now you are an online instructor in the Udemy and you can make money from Udemy by submitting videos in it.

Now to upload your course you have to follow some important procedures.

  1. Practice your video script for 2 or 3 times before uploading this will show you how passionate you are.
  2. Then ensure the quality of the videos because it is very important.
  3. Lecture length must b 5 to 7 minutes.
  4. video must be 720 p minimum.
  5. File size not longer than  4gb. 
  6. Mobile friendly.         


After setting your cameras and create the video course and upload it you can use the bulk uploader to upload your videos.

Let’s finish the process

Now you are able to upload your video…

But I will give you some additional tips.

Bonus tips:-

  1. Add some subtitle which will help the students to understand the course easily.
  2. complete the bio of yours which will make you famous if you provide the best course.

How Udemy pays you money ( Guide to promote your courses to make money from Udemy).

The process of the monetization of Udemyis very good and better for the instructor as it pays the money you deserve.

The paying process of Udemy is very easy you have to set the price of your courses and the money will come to you if anyone buys your course. I already discussed how to set the price for the courses.

Now there is a scheme of Udemy if you sell your course using your own marketing skills then you will retain 97% of earningbut if a student buys the course through Udemy advertising then you can only retain 50% of revenue.

Now I will tell you some promotion ways,that’s why you can promote your video courses by own marketing strategy.

  1. If you have a website then you can lead your traffic to the Udemy.
  2. If you have good followers on facebook, twitter, and Instagram or any other social networks, then you can share your courses details and influenced people to buy your course.
  3. Also, you can promote your course by making a Youtube video. (like a demo video)
  4. If you have some budgets then you can RUN ADVERTISEMENTS on social media and Search engine.
  5. If you have some Email list of your audience then you can promote your courses by sending a direct email.
  6. You can also promote using some good audience based forum or directories. (like-Quora, Reddit, andStumbleupon)

Bonus tips:- If you have a youtube channel and you want to create a Udemy course then it is the best option you can promote your courses through a 10-second demo video and can lead your traffic to the Udemy.

Make money from Udemy by Affiliate marketing.

If you think you are not a good instructor then how can you make money from udemy. Don’t worry about that another way is available for you.

Now I am going to tell about Udemy Affiliate. Yes you can join in Udemy affiliate program and earn money by selling courses, just you need some online marketing skill.

So how you can do it? (let’s learn briefly)

Affiliate means a person who sells the courses of Udemy to get the commissions. So it is the best way to earn money from Udemy without being an online instructor.

If you are a blogger and you have a website having high traffics then you can make money from Udemy by pasting the affiliate links of the course the Udemy affiliate will pay you 40% commission.

You can also promote your links with your facebook followers or any social media followers.

If you are a YouTuber or if you know how to make a quality youtube video, then also you can sell your affiliates courses.

What is better ‘Youtube’ or ‘Udemy’ ( A Small comparison).

So what is better youtube or Udemy?

Which gives you better income opportunity youtube or Udemy?

According to me, Udemy is the best because it gives you better income than theYoutube.

Youtube’s monetize system is very different than Udemy because Youtube pays money to the youtubers according to the ads, not by the quality of the videos.

Also, YOUTUBE ads are given very fewer amounts of CPC(cost per click) and ads are not shown to all viewers.

But you can earn money from Udemy by the quality of your videos courses as you can set the better price for better video courses and there is no such option on Youtube.

So if you are an online instructor then Udemy is probably best but my recommendation is to use both platforms.

In the youtube, you can give an overview of your Udemy course that’s why lots more people buy your course with the help of your youtube video.

And in the battle of UDEMY vs YOUTUBE, Udemy is win but use both platforms for getting a better result.

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