How To Make Money With Shit Coins In 2022

In this article titled, How To Make Money With Shit Coins In 2022, I will teach you how you can turn a little investment and walk away with millions, if not BILLIONS of crypto tokens from Safemoon, Shiba Inu, Safe Mars, Refine, etc, etc  and make a tidy profit from just taking a few small and calculated risks. You will learn 5 of the best ways to make money with shit coins in 2022 because I do it for a living and love flipping crypto as it’s pretty easy (often sometimes you can lose but I will go into ways to avoid this later)

Making Money With Crypto Has Never Been Easier

Trust me, i love making money with shitcoins in 2022 as it’s so easy and so many people would also agree with me right now if you asked them but investing in these small little coins can be risky.

So you have been warned! Plus this isn’t financial advice and these views are purely just my own opinions based on what i do, have done and what i love to avoid doing to spread my risk in this crazy world of crypto trading/investing that can scare even the biggest of men.

Here just 5 ways to make money with shitcoins in 2022 and beyond.

5 Super Easy Ways To Make Money With Shitcoins In 2022 (the noob friendly way 🙂

  1. (AIRDROPS) Sign up to many of the FREE airdrops on Facebook and Telegram and go look for all the best crypto projects that can reward you with FREE tokens/coins when you do some tasks for them. There are even websites where you can sign up to get your free coins so look out for the links below. This is one way to get started in making money with these free airdrops and then once you flip these coins, then you can take things further and start to invest on your own.
  2. (STAKING) Download the App and link your card and buy Cardano (ADA) and then do what I do as Cardano is a great proof of work coin so it gives owners the chance to STAKE and earn more coins by staking their coins and holding onto them or allocating them to a pot and every so often you get coins added to your account.
  3. (SNIFFING) Get the site and sniff out the best coins early and i have made a shit load of money by doing this. Even joining the Discord group thanks to that website has made me buy and sell some shit hot tokens by a bucket load and paid for one of my Spanish villa rentals with a great deal or two with this method. So fingers at the ready!
  4. (BANDING) Join as many Facebook groups as you can– Then weed out the best coins to invest into and just HODLfor as long as you can unless you just wanna flip for 10x, 100x, or 1000x your ROI. I have snooped on a few good coins on these groups and made a few grands from it so do your own due diligence and if the research is done well, I can assure you it will be the best research you have ever done.
  5. (TELEGRAM APPS)Finally, if you ever get invited to one of those Telegram scammy apps do your utmost to avoid them as they will do their best to fleece you or promise you the earth and leave you without a pot to piss in. Just find the OFFICIAL apps from these top coins and you will find some OTHER great coins that may want to look at but like I tell everyone, MAKE SURE YOU DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ON THE COMPANY AND THEIR ROADMAP PLAN they have for their project.

How to Avoid Getting Crypto Scammed in 2022?

Lots of people have been caught out in recent times when learning How To Make Money With Shit Coins In 2022 by so many scams that have impacted their wallets.

Most of these scams involved with investors

  • Clicking on dodgy links that sent them to a scam website that just took all their crypto
  • Investing in rug-pull coins that just fleeced everyone out of their money and dumped the crypto like they do in the stock market scams.
  • Trust Wallet hackers that can hack into your wallets via PancakeSwap so make sure that if you do own a Trust Wallet account that you always stay unconnected to all of these Dapps like PancakeSwap.

So Finally Here is How I Would Make Money With Shitcoins In 2022 and Beyond

And if you wanted to make serious money with shitcoins, then all you have to do is follow the above 5 ways to make shitcoins the easy way or if you wanted to make it passively then invest in more time and money to make money with crypto mining. (i will cover that topic in the next article).

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