How to sell feet pics online in 2022 – Ultimate Side Hustle

In this ultimate guide on How to sell feet pics online in 2022 to make money, I will see if you can make some extra income from doing so by entering the world of feet photo selling to see if anyone pays to see pictures of my ugly feet because believe you me guys, if I can sell photos of my disgusting looking feet ANYONE WITH A CAMERA OR SMARTPHONE CAN DO IT. I may even change careers if it becomes lucrative enough for me.

How to sell feet pics online in 2022 to make money?

Well, I have never personally met anyone (yet) who has ever made any money from selling any photos of their mangy feet online unless they were like hiding secrets from me.

I mean it’s not like you are going to meet a honest person who admits to actually doing this side hustle in private as most people would find it embarassing.

If it were me, i wouldn’t care if it helped pay the bills, i mean geez there are people selling photos of their private parts on sites like OnlyFans so i mean what harm are you actually doing from selling photos of your feet. (Just make sure they are cheese-free and clean as a whistle or people will want their money back).

Seriously, foot fetishes are apparently on the rise so of course there will be lots of people who will turn this trend into a lucrative business. I am one of them, or at least I plan to be (as a social experiment for this blog of course).

Watch Me Show You How to Sell Feet Pics Online In 2022

So over the coming hour, I will sign up to a few of the most popular foot pics selling websites on the web that have the best payout rates and will give me a better chance of success of selling pics of my feet to prove to you all that you can make money from this side hustle in 2021 and beyond.

If I can help even just one person with this side hustle opportunity or one family get out of poverty I will be one happy blogger 🙂

Takes a brave man to do this you know and especially someone like myself who utterly detests my own feet and doesn’t quite get this whole foot fetish thing. I don’t know what I am letting myself in for by doing this social experiment but that’s what you get with me when you follow my blog is REAL PROOF and not some fake lies that most of those bloggers try to tell you to get them to sign up to their crap.

I am not in this game of blogging for sign-ups but to help find you ways of wealth that can help you and your financial situation, NO AGENDA, NO BULLSHIT, NO NONSENSE SOCIAL EXPERIMENTS with REAL PROOF.

So Let’s Check Some Of These Sites Out And Create Some Accounts

So here are the sites that i signed up for that cater to anyone who wants to sell their feet pics for cash without having to fork out any membership fees or get roped into doing anything shady. Go check them out!!!! >>>

Word of warning!  If you want to make lots more money doing this i hear that scammers can try and sting you so stay one step ahead and avoid anything personal. Avoid building bridges at all! Keep It Strictly Business! >>>

Where can you sell foot pics?

Easiest way of selling your feet pics is to go online and do your research into the best paying websites and soon you will stumble upon a treasure trove of great websites. Try to avoid the membership paying ones if you can’t pay them but if you can afford to pay the upfront membership fees then pay them as sometimes it can help get your profile/pics out there.

If you are planning on turning it into a full-time income job and not just like a side hustle like many people do then i urge you to create your own website and sell your pics from it. Go on Youtube to teach yourself how to build WordPress websites. PIECE OF CAKE!!!

What type of people purchases foot pics?

Does this even matter? would be my answer because as long as they buy what you are offering who gives a toss about the demographics and why they do what they do. Life is too short to worry about the small details. Probably people with a foot fetish buys them so why not sell them what they love?

Bottom line is that if there is huge demand for it then why the hell not and it don’t matter if you are a man selling pics as there is a market for everything if you do it correctly and market it well in all the right places.

How to start selling foot pics online in 2022


Obviously the best place to start selling them would be on websites that cater for feet pics and i cannot believe after doing some research on it how many websites there are that give people the chance to sell photos of their feet for money. It’s brilliant if you ask me.

but i found when i did my research that the foot fetish industry is aimed primarily at women and the websites that i wanted to sign up for to sell my feet pics only wanted women so if you were expecting photos of my feet guys. THINK AGAIN!

but what i did find is a bunch of great websites for mainly women who can make lots of money if you start selling via these sites although it looks to me that the market for feet pics is truly saturated so if you wanted to make a ton of money with this side hustle then i would highly suggest you create an Onlyfans account or your own website and start selling them solo.

Top Feet Photo Websites In 2022 (mainly for women creators)


Instafeet from whhat i can see is a very strict feet pic selling platform so if you are a guy then i suggest you bribe your wife to do it or avoid this website if you are a man as i don’t think they take on men at all.

If you are a woman then by all means try it out as the site seems user-friendly and very laid back but management seems strict and for obvious reasons.

So if you like this site and you wanna earn money on the side and you do actually get accepted then i wish you all the best with this site. From a web design perspective the website seems very basic and it’s more or less a social networking theme/plugin they use so anyone could really start this venture.

Perhaps becoming an owner of a feet pic site maybe more lucrative than a creator?



Feetify is fast becoming a very popular place (apparently) according to its owners who claim they have over 160k members who are apparently making good money from selling feet pics.

There is no way we can prove this so we are going to have to take their word for it but as websites go it does seem a very vibrant and active place so perhaps this may be a great starting point?

Yet another kind of social media type website, i think you could make a ton of money on this website so i think it would be advisable to reach out to other members when you are on there to ask for tips that could make your bank balance grow.



FeetFinder is another great place for people (women) to sell to their hearts content or be it feet in this case.

With FeetFinder, it may be just as strict with the whole sign up process and being accepted but it looks very professional and the team seems to look after its clients given the amount of care to detail of each members profile and how pristine i found them to be.

FeetFinder is free for all Buyers! For Sellers, they charge a very small subscription of $2.99 per month or $24.99 per year. These expenses pay for new features, tons of marketing to attract new Buyers for you, and other business expenses.

Definitely worth a look in i say!



DollarFeet seems like a great little site but i find the whole set up a bit bizarre when you sign up and get taken to a new site called

Apart from that, it looks quite a good set up and it’s pretty straightforward set up that i think is aimed at beginners who are just starting out in the whole feet pic selling industry.

Do I need to show my face in photos / videos?
Not showing your face will directly be a big disadvantage for you. No customer wants to see just the feet without any face. You cannot satisfy them only 50%, and expect to make them happy. The face is everything.

They pay $7 – $10 per accepted video (5-minute long). The price may depend on the appearance of your feet. If you’re a professional foot model, we may pay more. So If you upload 5 videos, you’ll be paid $35 – $50,

No men allowed! AGAIN!


Alternative ways to sell photos of your feet online

From OnlyFans to Youtube to setting up your own website and using paid marketing with Facebook and Google can be a life changer and set you up big time financially and who knows? perhaps it may be a game changer for you.

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Reddit
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Custom website
  • Email Marketing
  • Tik Tok

Stranger things have happened in my crazy time making money online and i really wish i could have made money from doing this side hustle to show you all that it works but here is a story which i think you will find both INSPIRING and MOTIVATIONAL to say the least.

This is a story that you don’t want to miss about a woman on Instagram who makes like over $70k per year selling pics of her feet.


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