Making Money With Domain Names In 2022

There is no formula to make good money flipping domains as I prove to you in this short guide on how to start making money with domain names in 2022 and how to flip them for good money.

Here is how to start making money  with domain names in 2022

When you think of it, there are over hundreds of ways to make money online in 2022 but most of them are utter whack or usually a scam or want you to invest in their shitty company.

Only to never hear from them again. Like a phantom menace, they vanish quicker than they come

Stay away from all these rubbish and pointless schemes that only want to whip your money off you and then throw you out to the rest of the woves.

Making money online in 2022 isn’t as hard as it may seem especially IF you do your research properly and learn some of the basics first. Most people including myself have been stung by investing blindly into HYIPs or online scams that promised the world and delivered us nothing but endless promises.

So you have to keep moving and learn how to avoid these scams before you can know anything about making money online without getting bitten. It’s a tough world so you have to stay one step ahead.

So I bet you are thinking what the hell is a domain name? (LET ME EXPLAIN)…

As with every website on the web they are ALLgiven an IP address but another name for that is URL or a domain name that ends in either a .com or a

The most profitable domains tend to have the .com extenstion and can fetch thousands if not millions if it’s SHORT, ONE WORD, and is SOUGHT AFTER. Most of these TOP one word domains have been bought up back when i was like a young teenager in the mid ninties.

But as with ALL domains, they ALL have an expiry date so you can poach them if they are not renewed by their owners

So let me show you how you can get started with the whole domain gold rush and how you too can make a mint out of flippin’ domains on the side as a side hustle like i have done for years.

Domain Flippin’ is fast becoming popular in 2022

When i first starting making money flipping domains i found it was so easy and my first sale was when i sold my hand sanitizer business domain on Ebay for over £800.

So how do you actually start making money with domain names in 2022?

Let me show you how to get started in flippin’ domain names and how profitable it can be if you do well from it but first off let’s get started on gathering the right tools.

The only free tools you need to have is some of these bad boys below for researching ANY domain name

  • WHOISwhich is simply a way to check up on the history of a website or/and to find who the owners are so you could send them an email pitch to possible buy their domain off them.
  • Domain EvaluatorIf you ever need to get a rough estimated FREEappraisal on a domain name of your choice then i urge you to check out GoDaddy’s free website appraisal tool.

These are the only two RESEARCH tools you need to use and both are FREE so you may as well add them to your arsenal before i give you some great websites where you find some awesome domains.

Top sites for you to find the best investment domains

  • – Huge domain marketplace for you to buy and sell domains.
  • Godaddy Auctions– This place has a great auction for all domain flippers.
  • Empire Flippers – This place is more focused on buying and selling websites.
  • – Great place to sell as i have sold a few domains on this website.
  •– Love this place and it’s where i find all my cheap Godaddy domains.
Final Thoughts on ….How to start making money with domains in 2022?

Just get a bunch of cash together by raiding your piggy bank and then do what i did and just download one of the best domain sniping tools and go do your own homework to find the juicy most valued domains.

There is a whole ton of domain flippers on Youtube, check them out and they will show you the same way as me or they might get you to pay for some software like Ahrefs or some domain scraping software.

Stay away from these scammers! Do your own hard work and it will pay off trust me.

If i were in your shoes looking for loads of ways to make money with domain flipping in 2022, i would most certainly have to sign up to and go looking for your domain treasure there as a starting point.

Good luck !!!! Let me know how you get on and if you get a good domain don’t forget to flip it privately or on the sites above.

Hope you enjoyed this wee short guide on how to start making money with domain names in 2022

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