Making Money With NFT Art And Crypto In 2022

Can You REALLY Make Money With NFT Art and Crypto In 2022? (Let’s find out)

I do honestly believe there you can start making money with NFT Art in 2022. Let me show you.

For many moons, i have always found myself scouring the web RELENTLESSLY for EASYand SIMPLE proven ways to make money online and for the life of me, i have always found that these so called SIMPLE ways are NEVER usually that simple

but with crypto currrency being so volatile i thought i would try my hand at creating a basic NFT art piece and seeing if it is possible to flip it for FREEon an app called MINTABLE.

If you don’t know what the hell i am on about, let me explain what are NFTs and how you can make money with them by flipping them for profits.

So What Are NFTs? and What Is NFT Art?

So in a nutshell, NFT stands for Non-fungible token(s) and what they are is simply just a digital asset that proves you are the official owner of the token representing the asset.

They are very popular right now in 2021 and even the likes of celebs such as Lindsay Lohan and Logan Paul (some famous American Youtuber) are huge fans of NFTs and have made millions from them.

I first found out about them via Youtube when i watched Gary Vee’s video about them. IT REALLY DID CATCH MY ATTENTION.

Being a very inquisitive man that i am, i went off and done some research and found some interesting shit about it all.

Some of it was boring as hell, and the other i just thought seemed very LEGIT and something that even a rubish artist like me could pull off.

Then the whole BEEPLE art collection sold for like $69 million bucks by some crypto billionaire called Metakovan from India. WTF????

So I Wanted In…I Wanted A Slice Of The NFT Art Pie

So Here Is What I Did To Start Making Money With NFT Art Before My Brain Frazzled

First thing i needed to do was to create some art so the only place i knew where to start was with the free art tool platform called Surely i could create a masterpiece on this site surely?

Did i stand any chance at making money with NFT art?

Well yeah i did (i naively thought like many do) as ANYONE can do it but it’s whether you are any good at it that helps to drive sales and turn you into the next Beeple.

Even though the world of NFT art was so saturated with so many people selling so much shit works, i didn’t want to be like them so i needed to stand out and create the best masterpiece that drives them wild.

So i got thinking…WHAT IF I COULD BE THE NEXT WELSH BEEPLE? (i mean look at Banksy for god sake, all he does is spray some stencils for a living right?)

So Can You Make Money With NFT Art In 2022?

Apparently, yes you can and people who are far more gifted at the stuff than me have made millions and still do.

As for me, and my NFT Art adventure, i can safely say that i won’t delve into it any longer as it’s not for me nor am i an artist nor have i the time to do it as a profession.

I think i will stick to BBQ and ball games with the kids as that’s what makes me rich inside and outside.

I just did it and created some NFT art in memory of my mum plus to see if i could do it and to be quite honest it was rather simple to pull off.

Some of their work on NFT marketplaces such as Rarible and NFT Gateway are just amazing and deserve to be rewarded handsomely for what they create.

but like everything else, i am sure it will have its expiry date.

My Final Thoughts On NFT ART and Making Money With Them In 2022

Believe you me, there are far more SIMPLE ways to make money online and fortunately for you, you are going to find out so many REAL ways to make money online in 2022 and beyond.

For me, i hate having to do so much work or become a skilled professional artist in order to make money when i know there is lots more proven ways to make bank.

Just avoid getting scammed online as there are so many people out there who just want to clean out your crypto on your Trust Wallet accounts so


Yes you can make a shit load of money from NFT Art but don’t get too carried away with it is all i am saying as there is a ton of OTHERopportunities out there which i will share with you on this blog.

Making money online isn’t really all that difficult if you put your heart and soul into something, i mean anything could be turned into something worth selling if you are good at marketing.

I mean take for instance that case of that local young entrepreneur Rachael Flanagan, who started with a bucket (hence her company name Mrs Bucket Cleaning Services Ltd) and now runs a cleaning enterprise that’s probably worth millions. Good on her i say. Now she is killing it all because she took ACTION. Read her success story here


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