My 6 Best Side Hustles In 2022

Everyone who hasn’t got a job should learn to start doing side hustles online and here are my 6 best side hustles in 2022 that have kept me on my toes financially over the last few months while being stuck down on lockdown.


We all love side hustles.Period. I have been smashing side hustles for many years online like most of you and this year I have compiled a list of 6 best side hustles in 2022 that work.

Most side hustles that people do online tend to be either

  • a flat out scam or some form of a rip off
  • takes too long to get paid for your efforts
  • you get fired before you get paid
  • demands some sort of silly ass fee
  • closes down and leaves you in the lurch
  • turns out too good to be true

and in the end, you end up back at square one with LESS HAIR, LESS MONEY AND MORE STRESS.

Making money online through side hustles shouldn’t be like that so i have come up with my best side hustles that have worked for me and worked for many people.

Shit shouldn’t be like this especially when you trade your valuable time with these peeps in exchange for money. So make sure you do your research as there are so many scams out there.

So before i go into what i am about to share with you in the form of my top side hustles in 2022 that keep me on my toes and keep the bank balances flowing.

Please know that what i share is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, SO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

These work for me but they may NOT work for you as my results could differ from yours based on how much work i have put in to achieve the same results.

When it comes to finding side hustles online, the best ones are usually the ones many people don’t want to share with the general public at large but on this blog you will get to find them all.

At the WTFW (Where To Find Wealth) blog, we love sharing all the best money making tips with you all and showing you proof that they work for us and what we think of them.

So without further delay, let’s show you my super favourite 6 of the best money making side hustles that ANYONE CAN DO, if they apply a little ACTION and do well at them all

or like me, you could be a lazy bastard and just focus on a couple and just run with them ones. EACH TO THEIR OWNand ALL THAT.


So you want to be making money with side hustles like me hey? you want to be shown the best ones so you don’t have to spend hours of heartache and misery for the ultimate side hustles right?

In that case, you are in the right place so sit back and get your pen and pad ready so you can take some notes down and jot down all the links to the aforementioned companies.


Anyone can do it. All you have to do to make a ton of money is to find something that is trending via the likes of Google Trends. ( and by checking out social media and pick a product.

Use to create yourself a shop on their awesome platform and either create a small shop yourself or find someone on to make it for you for pennies.

Then using Oberlo or Spocket, you then go find your product on Ali Express or Ali Baba and add the product via these apps and change it to the price you want to sell at minus costs, shipping costs etc and then make it stand out with a better offer than what’s being offered.

Either run PPC (Pay per click) ads via Instagram, Facebook or even youtube and enjoy the profits rolling into your bank balance for all the work you do to make this a successful side hustle.

The great thing I love about this side hustle = Zero outlay at first to find your golden product and when you have eventually found it, your only real pain in the arse expenses is the Shopify and PPC advertising fees.

TIP If you can lean on a great Tik Tok influencer who can and will peddle your product(s) you will have more sales. More sales mean more pounds so this strategy is a no-brainer when starting out.


If you are a good writer and you love writing for a living then this side hustle is perfect for you.

Not only do a few good companies pay you for writing but you can get paid in crypto coins too for doing this type of side hustle which requires only the basic writing skills to be approved.

If you HATE writing then perhaps this side hustle may not be for you as you would only end up throwing your laptop at the wall and don’t want that to happen now do we?

For me, i personally love writing, hence, why i started this blog and hence, why i love being a screen writer and have written well over 8 feature films and 12 short films in my time as a lover of writing for the screen.

but do you have to LOVE being a writer in order to cash in on this skill?

No is the bluntest of answers i can give to that questions as i believe anyone can do it and still make money from doing stuff you don’t enjoy doing but will you stick at it if you don’t like it? that’s what you need to ask yourself? HORSES FOR COURSES as they say.

So what do i need to do before becoming a writer for money?

First off, it would help if you can actually write. So if you can’t there are lots of free courses around especially on Youtube that will teach you English to a very good level.

Once you find yourself armed and ready to become a paid blog/content writer, you can either become your own boss and start writing and selling Ebooks via Amazon’s KDP program like i have done and done quite well from it.

or alternatively,

You can sign up to one of the many good companies out there that will take you on and pay you from $20-$100 per 1000 words.

So many blog owners are seeking writers like yourself so if you are interested in making money with blog writing then check out these 3 companies below like i did when i joined them last year.

Rank Pay pays the best and is my favourite and i love getting paid by them so these are the 3 i would recommend based on pay, age and quality of customer/client care.

You can if you wish go down this route and you can also set up your own profile on both these freelance mini job sites

either BEFORE or AFTER you are an established writer and use both platforms to HUNT for jobs and showcase your talents.

So many people go to these places to hire out writers and many writers have made tons of money in doing so.

Some have even been recruited from these platforms so plenty of opportunities can be had with joining these great platforms.


Have you ever heard of a transcriber? Me neither up till last year when i looked into it

I found myself on all the major search engines looking at yet more REALand GUARANTEED ways to make money online and came across a post on Reddit about Transcribers making a tidy income.

So what the hell is a transcriber and how does it work?

In short, transcribers are people who get paid to turn audio from a video into text and that’s all there is to it. It’s boring as hell to do the job but the pay is quite good.

You can do it on GoTranscript or on Rev. You will listen to audio or view video and you will need to produce written text version of the audio. Clients need this service to produce captions and written versions fo their video material.

If you’re an awesome fast typer, you can make $25-30 USD an hour doing this and even more if you offer this service on freelance sites such as the ones above.


You don’t need to have any special qualifications or degrees. You can make money with this side hustle working from home, by doing remote English tutoring to students worldwide. The pay is great – over $20+ per hour.

Whether it be working for Cambly or Palfish, you only have to meet certain requirements in order to get accepted into their programs. I find that Cambly can be very picky and choosy with who the select and that Palfish has much more work and pay is more frequent.

If you are a native speaker and you come from the UK, you stand a far better chance at being approved than other nationals.

So what does becoming an English tutor entail? Do I need any qualifications?

No qualifications are needed but a degree and a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) course certificate will get you the job quicker and make your life easier.

So needless to say, all you need to do to get started is to download the apps and sign up here for Palfish and sign up for Cambly right here if you want to know more and want to make money online as an English tutor.


In my couple of posts that i shared with you guys on this blog, i covered in my crypto reviews how i make money with Crypto Investing on low level coins such as Safemoon and Shiba Inu tokens.

We all know like most investments they can carry risks and i have to admit i have lost some but have made a lot more profits from HODLing onto my portfolio of crypto coins that i believe will sky rocket in years to come. hence the saying “to the moon”.

I love to dabble in all sorts of shitcoins from Safemoon to Shiba Inu to Safemars and so many more because of the low risks of losing such small amounts of my seed investments.

Like most financial products and assets, be it online or off, we accept and embrace risks even more so in the crypto world but they are small when you only deal with the small ALT coins/tokens like the ones i mentioned above.

How do i find the best coins/tokens? (is there any secrets????)

You don’t have to be the creators of half these coins and tokens to fully understand how they work, all you have to know is when and where they come out and how to flip them for profit on a buy on the dip and flip on the fall method.

Half the time i seldom ever sell on any fall as i prefer to buy to HODL for a target price point i have in my mind. If you want to just buy these coins to flip for quick profits then may i suggest a great crypto expert on Facebook who will teach you how to trade crypto (small scale) for a small fee. Check him out here

Like any investment online, please do your due dilligence before jumping in the deep end of the crypto pool. Remember i am not a financial adviser just sharing my wealth tips and wisdom.


Anyone can be a VA. It requires no special skills. And once you have built up some positive reputation, you can charge $10 – $25 per hour, working from home.

That’s the beauty of this type of side hustle is that it can be carried on from virtually ANYWHERE.

From VA companies offering people the chance to make lots of money via their websites and apps, make sure you watch out for any VA scams that ask for payment or ask for cryptos.


How i make money as a VA is by going onto and setting up my profile on this amazing site and get companies and private work from the leads on there and carry out my work in my spare time. It can be very rewarding and the pay is always on time with clients on Upwork.

If you don’t want to use freelancer sites such as Upwork, you can either

  • Create your own website and offer services live and direct from it
  • Find a company by contacting them directly for VA work with them

I hope you enjoyed reading my 6 best side hustles in 2022 that have helped my family both financially and mentally in more ways than you can imagine during this lockdown.

No matter whatever your situation, be it being fed up of being on benefits or stuck in your home due to an illness, THESE SIDE HUSTLES CAN WORKFOR YOU. Anyone can do it and probably do it better than me.

Making money online in 2022 is no easy picnic as you will soon come to know on this blog through teh many blog posts on scam reviews, crypto reviews, guides and so much more.

I sincerely hope you have learnt something new from this blog and if so, please come back for more as i will be sharing my everything and more relating to where to find wealth online in 2022 and beyond.

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