The Best 2022 Invoicing Tools for Small Businesses

As a small business owner needs invoicing tools for his business, you can’t afford to spend too much time creating and sending invoices. Billing your clients is easier with a system that handles the bulk of your accounting needs. Invoicing programs cover all the bases so that you can focus on growing your business instead of constantly monitoring your accounts.

8 Invoicing Tools For Small Businesses:

1. Billbooks

This cloud-based invoicing tool makes it possible to generate invoices anywhere, any time.

You can easily export invoice data to PDF to generate print copies if necessary or send automatic due date reminders to clients. Use the search function to track payments and note which accounts remain outstanding. Billbooks pairs with payment gateways like PayPal and to provide simple, secure online payment options for all your clients.

2. Due

Due prides itself on having a sleek, organized dashboard that helps small business owners generate invoices as quickly as possible. The included templates allow you to create finished invoice designs that are consistent with your brand image. Time tracking capabilities make it easy to translate time spent into money owed, resulting in accurate billing and payment for every job. Take advantage of the export features to bring recent invoices together for your files.

3. FreshBooks

A user-friendly interface and 24/7 support make FreshBooks an attractive option for small business owners. Easily create branded invoices with customized designs and send them to clients all over the world. The ability to bill and accept credit card payments in all major currencies allows you to expand your reach to the global market.

Real-time reporting shows you if clients have viewed their invoices and whether or not they’ve followed through with payment.

4. Harvest

Track time spent on projects and log expenses even when you’re on the go with Harvest. All the information that you log can be imported into the system’s invoicing feature and used to generate accurate invoices every time.

Integration with PayPal, Trello and other productivity tools increases functionality by bringing all of your programs together in one place. Harvest also provides automatic payment reminders and online payment options for clients.

5. Invoicera

A vast array of features makes Invoicera suitable for businesses of any size. Invoicing tools include the ability to create and manage invoices for all of your accounts, translate them into other languages and covert them to PDF documents. Reporting options give you a way to track finances to find patterns in payments and invoice aging that can have an impact on cash flow.

6. Quickbooks

A big name in the world of business accounting, Quickbooks is a complete solution for all of your financial needs. Quickbooks is available as software or online and provides a wide array of features for expense tracking, keeping an eye on profits and losses, creating balance sheets and generating invoices. With access for up to five different users and the option to connect with payment gateways like PayPal and Square, Quickbooks provides everything you need in one comprehensive package.

7. Xero

Xero offers small businesses an array of accounting features that promise to “streamline your workflow.” Pitching itself as having a beautiful interface that’s easy to use, Xero targets small business owners looking for a solution that’s feature-rich but not overly complicated. Use the included tools to charge clients for project expenses, accept online payments and track when invoices are received and viewed. If other invoicing solutions leave you feeling confused, it’s time to give Xero a try.

8. Zoho

You don’t have any time to waste on accounting over the course of the business day. That’s why Zoho provides fast invoice generation with the ability to accept payments through a variety of channels. These “beautiful” invoices draw on information from time tracking tools, cash flow reports and past customer behavior to ensure accurate billing. Use these features to stay on top of all of your finances and keep your business running in the black.

With these invoicing tools, you’ll never be left guessing which clients have paid and which haven’t. Choose the program or app that tells you everything you need to know about your accounts, and invoice generation will become one of the easiest tasks on your daily to-do list.

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